The Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI) is developing and scaling e-learning and on-site GMP training programs (Montreal, Toronto) that will facilitate an unprecedented capacity in Canada for efficient and rapid upskilling of the workforce required. CATTI aims to:

  • Standardize the training curriculum for the needs of manufacturing sites to establish a quality standard for training focused on best practices
  • De-risk the process of training & developing HQP to the level of autonomy
  • Reduce the training burden shared by all manufacturing sites by outsourcing it 
  • Accelerate the market readiness of trainees by offering specialized training
  • Diminish the funds allocated for training per employee by maximizing efficiency
  • Bridge the gap between the academic background qualifications and the market readiness of HQP (job-specific roles)

The Training Institute is led by a Consortium of two (2) highly successful Networks of Centers of Excellence in Canada, one being CCRM, a Center of Excellence for the Commercialization of Research, and CellCAN, a Knowledge Mobilization Network. Their interest in joining efforts rely on the facts that manufacturing and commercializing CGT products requires a highly qualified workforce and that there is currently a dearth in finding such qualified personnel. A unique opportunity exists to leverage the strengths and synergies between those two well recognized organizations to contribute substantially to growing the cell and gene therapy sector. This partnership will solidify national assets and excellence in advanced biotherapeutics manufacturing under cGMP, and fill the dearth in available talent of HQP trained and qualified for workflow under aseptic conditions. It will also ensure job creation.